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Visitors Play of the Months in Amateur Stage Magazine

David Muncaster picks Visitors as Play of the Month in the June 2012 issue of Amateur Stage Magazine. He writes:

'I have already recommended a number of Scott Marshall's festival-ready one act plays in these pages. As a leading adjudicator in GODA he would be expected to know what works well, and in this play he has produced what I believe to be his best script to date.

Visitors is a comic masterpiece as the three charachters, Patience, Grace and Charity, speak as virtually one voice discussing all manner of visitors. The pace is quick fire as the three of them start, finish, and provide the middle bits, of each other's sentences. Subject include: Gary, whose amorous tendencies after a glass or two of brandy are not entirely unwelcome; the vicar and his somewhat randy dog (or should that be the somewhat randy vicar and his dog) and figures from history, the bible and Hollywood. All of them have one thing in common: they have paid someone a visit.

This is the sort of play that leaps off the page. It is easy to imagine this on stage but requires great skill on the part of the director and actors. Whilst very alike in many ways the three characters do have their differences and it is important that their individual personalities are not lost in the pace of the piece. It would be worth the effort through: done well this play is a sure fire winner.'

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The two contrasting plays that appeared in the programme below (September 2011) were the world premieres of 'The Replacement' a humorous but chilling male two-hander, directed by Jeremy Lewis, Artistic Director of the Riverside Theatre and 'Winnie's Boy' directed by the playright himself. The latter play, vividly painting the lives of three elderly women with a mixture of comedy and pathos, is proving very succesful on the festival circuit. It was first presented by Bejou Productions at the Thurrock Festival in Grays, Essex in 2011, winning Best Actress, Best Play and Best Director for John White.