The Threefold Cord



Three very different women share the life of the celebrated barrister Sir Marcus Pennington – Victoria, the successful actress wife, Millicent, the intelligent, self-deprecating PA and Dexie, the vivacious feisty prostitute. In a series of monologues, each of the women reveals their own secrets, with comedy always predominating. Their tales converge at one celebratory moment as all is finally resolved.
This play provides excellent roles for three actresses, as they reminisce on their lives, with Marcus only appearing fleetingly. A simple staging can be as elaborate or minimalistic as desired.
Cast List: 1M, 3W



Published by Samuel French - London

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Family Matters

High Comedy

All is not going well for the mature diva actress Lavinia Foxglove. Her son has become engaged to a girlfriend she’s never met, her daughter is causing problems, not least of which is her inappropriate relationship with a local taxi driver. And her second husband might be a reputable actor but he’s currently taken to his bed with an imaginary illness. (His choice of clothing is also causing concern). Her career is well past its peak, her house is in urgent need of repair and an unexpected visitor is a former old flame. When all come together at a dinner party, the unexpected is bound to happen. And it does, with hilarious results.
A superb farcical comedy with great characterisations.
Cast List: 3M, 3W

The Away Game

Serious Play

A sequel to Home Boy Home, The Away Game moves from Ireland to England and deals with the aftermath of a shocking family tragedy. Eithne, accompanied by her aunt visits her sister Grainne in her affluent home, where the rivalry and tension between the two sisters erupts dramatically. The reappearance of Charles, once the boy next door, does little to alleviate the volatile family atmosphere.  An unexpected revelation threatens to tear the family apart.
Comedy combines with tragedy and a series of flashbacks to childhood days comment pertinently on present relationships. Excellent characterisations make this another telling piece of dramatic and provocative contemporary theatre.
Although written as a sequel, The Away Game can be performed as a stand alone piece.
Cast List: 3M, 3W, 1B, 1G


Serious Play

A stirring, powerful and passionate piece of contemporary writing, Siege combines elements of history, high comedy and political satire. It deals with one of the most pivotal moments in Irish history, the Siege of Derry, the actual events of which are so often misunderstood on both sides of the religious divide today. 
When Culpepper, an American philanthropist, arrives in the city of Derry, both communities are keen for him to learn a history lesson, but in so doing he’s left baffled. Just what is the truth of the siege? What actually happened in 1690 and why have the two communities today ended up with such radically different understandings of the past?
A stirring piece filled with hope and affection for a city with a rich past and lively future, Siege is at times hilariously funny, as dogma is held up to satirical scrutiny.

Home Boy Home

Serious Play

A contemporary drama that deals with the legacy of the past, a shared history and the road to reconciliation, Home Boy Home is set in a prosperous Derry home. The father, a university professor, has died and his family, two daughters and one son, return home for the funeral. Also present are their ex-headmistress aunt and the former boy from next door, with whom they have lost touch for almost twenty years.
Atmospheric and poetic, Home Boy Home is a brilliant examination of family, mixing comedy and tragedy in equal measure, exploring themes of friendship, loyalty and how the past impacts upon our lives. Flashbacks to boyhood days contrast vividly with the present in this moving and rich work.
Cast List: 2M, 3W, 2B