Full Length, Serious Play

A stirring, powerful and passionate piece of contemporary writing, Siege combines elements of history, high comedy and political satire. It deals with one of the most pivotal moments in Irish history, the Siege of Derry, the actual events of which are so often misunderstood on both sides of the religious divide today. 
When Culpepper, an American philanthropist, arrives in the city of Derry, both communities are keen for him to learn a history lesson, but in so doing he’s left baffled. Just what is the truth of the siege? What actually happened in 1690 and why have the two communities today ended up with such radically different understandings of the past?
A stirring piece filled with hope and affection for a city with a rich past and lively future, Siege is at times hilariously funny, as dogma is held up to satirical scrutiny.