The Three Fold Cord

The Threefold Cord produced by Wetherby and Linton Drama Group April 2015

Category: Full Length

Genre: Comedy

Three very different women share the life of the celebrated barrister Sir Marcus Pennington – Victoria, the successful actress wife, Millicent, the intelligent, self-deprecating PA and Dexie, the vivacious feisty prostitute. In a series of monologues, each of the women reveals their own secrets, with comedy always predominating. Their tales converge at one celebratory moment as all is finally resolved.
This play provides excellent roles for three actresses, as they reminisce on their lives, with Marcus only appearing fleetingly. A simple staging can be as elaborate or minimalistic as desired.
Cast List: 1M, 3W

Published by Samuel French – London

020-7387 9373

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